Meet the gang

We love our animals! Click on the pictures below to learn more about each one. Visit this page with a larger screen device to learn more about each one.

Luke Luke

Luke Grey-headed Flying Fox

Favourite Food: Paw paw and figs
Best Friend: Nemo and Puffin
Special Talent: Flying Foxes do everything upside down... except for ONE thing. Can you guess?
Favourite Pastime: Luke loves to stretch his wings out in the sun
Max Max

Max Squirrel Glider

Favourite Food: Fresh flowers and leaves
Best Friend: Max lives with other gliders and possums too!
Special Talent: Squirrel Gliders have the ability to glide up to 50 meters in one jump!!!
Favourite Pastime: Max loves to chew on fresh branches to get to all the sap inside
Snappy Jaws Snappy Jaws

Snappy Jaws Freshwater Crocodile

Favourite Food: Fish and insects
Best Friend: Snappy Jaws prefers to hang out on his own
Special Talent: Female Freshwater crocodiles can lay up to 20 eggs and will help to carry babies to the water once they hatch
Favourite Pastime: Sunbaking
Nemo Nemo

Nemo Black Flying Fox

Favourite Food: Red grapes and paw paw
Best Friend: Luke and Puffin
Special Talent: Nemo is really good at climbing around the aviary, bats are fantastic climbers!
Favourite Pastime: Nemo loves to play with Luke and Puffin
Puffin Puffin

Puffin Little Red Flying Fox

Favourite Food: Watermelon
Best Friend: Lauren, Nemo & Luke
Special Talent: Puffin is great at hiding - Little Red Flying Foxes like to huddle up to other bats to keep warm
Favourite Pastime: Cuddling Luke
Romeo & Juliet Romeo & Juliet

Romeo & Juliet Barn Owls

Favourite Food: Rats and mice
Best Friend: Romeo and Juliet are best friends
Special Talent: Barn owls are silent when they fly, they are really good at sneaking up on their prey
Favourite Pastime: Romeo and Juliet love to fly around the aviary at night, stretching their wings
Whiskers & Eva Whiskers & Eva

Whiskers & Eva Ring-tail Possum

Favourite Food: Pom Pom Flowers and gum leaves
Best Friend: Each other
Special Talent: Ring-tail possums are really good at using their special curly tails to hold on to branches and leaves
Favourite Pastime: Whiskers and Eva love to snuggle up in their nest box during the day
Lulu and Bobby Lulu and Bobby

Lulu and Bobby Tawny Frog Mouth

Favourite Food: Mice and Insects
Best Friend: Lauren
Special Talent: The Tawny Frogmouth is excellent at camouflaging!
Favourite Pastime: Flying around the aviary catching insects at night
Bang and Lily Bang and Lily

Bang and Lily Long-nosed Bandicoot

Favourite Food: Insects
Best Friend: Each other
Special Talent: Bandicoots have a SUPER sensitive nose and can smell exactly where insects are in the dirt.
Favourite Pastime: Digging and creating new homes
Tinkerbell (Tink) Tinkerbell (Tink)

Tinkerbell (Tink) Rough-scaled Python

Favourite Food: Quails
Best Friend: Tink likes to be on her own, but loves human cuddles
Special Talent: Rough Scaled Pythons have the longest teeth of all pythons
Favourite Pastime: Tink loves to curl into a tight ball up in the plants in her enclosure
Buddy Buddy

Buddy Bearded Dragon

Favourite Food: Meal Worms and crickets
Best Friend: The bearded dragons love to hang out with the other lizards
Special Talent: Using their sticky tongue to pick up food
Favourite Pastime: Buddy loves to spend time outside in the sun with his friend Blaze

Favourite Food:
Best Friend:
Special Talent:
Favourite Pastime:
Lemon Lemon

Lemon Albino Darwin Carpet

Favourite Food: Rats
Best Friend: Lemon likes to be cuddled around anyone, getting warm
Special Talent: Looking Beautiful
Favourite Pastime: Lemon enjoys being outside and loves wrapping around our nice warm bodies
Bluey Bluey

Bluey Bluet-tongued Skink (Blue-tongued Lizard)

Favourite Food: Snails
Best Friend: Bluey likes to hang out with the other lizards
Special Talent: Blue tongues use their tongues to sense and smell the air around them!
Favourite Pastime: Giving Kisses!
Dave Dave

Dave Shingleback Lizard

Favourite Food: Veggies and insects
Best Friend: Dave has a friend called Bobby who he loves to spend time with
Special Talent: Shinglebacks have a tail that looks just like their head! This helps them to trick predators
Favourite Pastime: Digging and basking in the sun
Tommy & Tatum Tommy & Tatum

Tommy & Tatum Freshwater Turtles

Favourite Food: Blood worms and insects
Best Friend: The other turtles
Special Talent: Turtles have special webbed feet which makes them excellent swimmers
Favourite Pastime: Swimming and chasing fish and insects in their pond
Roger Roger

Roger Red-tailed Black-cockatoo

Favourite Food: Casuarina seeds and almonds
Best Friend: Lauren
Special Talent: Roger loves to hold business cards to help us advertise
Favourite Pastime: Roger loves to sit on his perch and chew on all kinds of seeds and nuts