About us

Wildcall Wildlife Shows is owned by husband and wife Alex and Lauren and is run by them and their small team. Our team is highly experienced in working with wildlife and also educating children and we all feel extremely lucky to call this our job. 

Lauren has two bachelor degrees, majoring in Zoology/Marine Biology and also Wildlife Science. Alex is extremely knowledgeable about reptiles, having kept them as pets since he was young. Alex builds and maintains all the enclosures, ensuring the animals have the highest quality homes that comply with the QLD regulations. They've both spent many years as members of the Ipswich Koala Protection Society doing rescue and rehabilitation of native wildlife. This is what started them on the path that would lead to owning Wildcall.

Both Sam and Maddy have a degree in Wildlife Science as well - they have so much knowledge between them which makes them invaluable members of the team.

Alex, Lauren, Samantha and Maddy are all well seasoned presenters having presented shows to a wide variety of audiences in many different settings. 

Each member of the team has young children in their lives which gives them all an understanding of the best ways to relate to children. This is a really important part of our job and is what makes our shows run so smoothly.

The most important thing about us all is that we love animals, we love educating people and we want to do our very best to provide an amazing experience for everyone that meets our animals.





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