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Wildcall specialises in presenting interactive animal lessons designed to meet the needs of your children. The best part is we come to you! 

We bring along a collection of live native Australian animals - which can including mammals, birds, reptiles and insects. 

Our wildlife shows educate students in a presentation that is based on a wide variety of topics. Children will get the opportunity to see, touch, and learn about Australia's amazing wildlife. Some of the topics we may cover include: camouflage, threatened species, nocturnal/diurnal animals, classification, adaptations.

Our goal is to inspire children through learning amazing wildlife facts and developing their understanding of the importance of conserving our wildlife.

Our wildlife sessions are delivered at the students' development level and can be tailored to meet your learning focus.

The most important part of our session is to give the children an educational, memorable and exciting experience with our animals in a safe environment. 

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